For those of you who follow my blog, I apologize for the big gap from my last post to now. Thank you for sticking with me!

Valentine’s Day is upon us which is a time we’re reminded to acknowledge the people we love. Many will argue it’s become far too commercialized and maybe it has. We can though, with some imagination, express love to someone without spending a lot of money. You don’t have to step foot in a card or flower shop to acknowledge your love in a meaningful way.

Valentine’s Day also gives us an opportunity to think about the whole topic of love; how it’s expressed and what it means to really love someone. As parents, apart from providing food and shelter, our biggest responsiblity to our children is to love them; and to love them unconditionally. We are asked to love them even when they’re not so loveable. There are times when we might say: “I love you very much, but today I don’t really like you.” Even if we’ve been up and down all night long with them, we still love them.

All parents will say they love their children and would do anything for them. Some children though will say they don’t feel loved. It may be because they perceive their sibling gets more positive attention than they do, or there is a lot of focus on the things they’re doing wrong. Notice that I’ve used the word “perceive”. It’s not because they really are not loved, it’s because they don’t receive it in the way it was intended.

In order to truly love another, we have to first love ourselves. We simply can’t give what we don’t have. If we have poor boundaries, don’t take proper care of ourselves, put ourselves down constantly for things we do or say, we’re not expressing love to the most important person in our lives. In order to freely express love to another person, we have first of all know how to love ourselves. By doing so, we also teach our kids to do the same. The more we love and honor who we are, the more we can love and honor who are kids are.

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