Dr. Oz Busts Some Common Myths

Tomorrow on the Dr. Oz Show, we’ll learn that many of the things we were told growing up, were actually wrong.

“Myths Exposed! Everything Your Mother Told You Was Wrong”

Does mother really know best? Dr. Oz busts the most common wellness myths.

He is joined by the guy who makes science fun, special guest, Science Bob.

Myth 1: Eating too much sugar makes you hyper.

Using a chemical experiment with a vegetable and a gummy bear, Dr. Oz and Science Bob show that even though the sugary treat gives off more energy than the vegetable, it does not directly affect the hyperactivity in people. Dr. Oz says that hyperactivity, especially in children is more commonly caused by the environment in which they are in. More often than not, children consume more sugar at birthday parties or on special occasions, where the environment calls for them to be hyper regardless.

Myth 2: Sucking in Helium kills brain cells and causes brain damage.

Dr. Oz and Science Bob say that the reason Helium makes your voice higher is because it is seven times lighter than oxygen, so it goes through the vocal cords faster, suppressing the low sounds and releasing the high sounds, which makes your voice sound funny. Another chemical, Sulfur Hexafluoride is heavier than air and has the opposite effect of Helium, making the voice sound deeper. Dr. Oz says the amount you take in from sucking on a balloon is not nearly enough to cut off circulation of oxygen to the brain, and therefore, you do not kill brain cells or cause brain damage with this small amount.

Myth 3: You can catch a cold from being cold. Better bundle up outside!

Viruses and bacteria are airborne and can get under mucus membranes when you are exposed regardless of the temperature. So whether you bundle up outside, or not, you are likely to be exposed the same amount as if you were sitting inside. Dr. Oz says that you are actually more susceptible being inside because you come in closer contact with others and there are more surfaces for germs to live on.

Myth 4: Applying Hydrogen Peroxide to cuts prevents infection.

The body releases a chemical that neutralizes hydrogen peroxide before it is able to get in a cut and burns to water and oxygen (which is why it fizzes up like that!). Dr. Oz says that surgeons use hydrogen peroxide in big open wounds and infected sores to clean, but on an everyday cut it kills bacteria along with healthy cells, which is not beneficial. Dr. Oz says his rule of thumb is “If you can’t put it in your eye, don’t put it on a wound.”

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