Effortlessly manifest money – My Story

A few years ago through a social networking site I met Marilyn Jenett, a prosperity mentor who teaches people how to manifest money by changing the way they think and talk about money.  I read testimonials from people who had taken her programs and did indeed manifest money where at times it seemed to appear from out of the blue.  There were people who were swimming in credit card debt, people who had lost their jobs, people who were just barely making it and people who wanted to change careers but didn’t know how.

I signed up for Marilyn’s Lesson One of her Feel Free To Prosper Program and within five days money was appearing, and all from unexpected places.  She promised it would include things like major discounts, someone paying a bill for you, and unexpected money arriving in the mail.  During the first week on the program, my husband and I were shopping for a toaster oven.  We had a gift certificate for the store we were shopping in so decided to look at some of the high end brands.  We really liked the KRUPS but of all the ones we looked at it was the most expensive.  For some reason though the box on top of the stack was priced much lower than the other ones.  We inquired and the sales clerk didn’t know why that was but she was obliged to sell it to us for that amount which we applied our coupon to.  We ended up getting it for $65, instead of the original price of over $200.  About two days after that, I came home  and my daughter greeted me with “Guess what! Dad just called and he got a $10,000 raise!”.    That same week I remember buying gas but for some reason I didn’t have to pay for it.  There was a whole series of little unexpected bonuses that kept appearing from “out of the blue.”

I knew for my mind to start thinking about money differently, I had to do exactly what the lesson asked me to do so I followed it to the letter.  I’ve gone back to it a couple of times as a reminder of how to change my thinking and what words to avoid when talking about money.

If you act fast, you can register for Marilyn’s Lesson One program yourself for her special Halloween offer of $47.  I promise you, you will manifest much more than $47 if you follow the lesson exactly.  Here is the link. The deadline is midnight TONIGHT.

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