Group Coaching for parents of preschoolers

A couple of times a year I  lead a group of parents in a series of parenting classes.   The groups are small; usually just 6 to 8 people.  Because I’m a coach, they end up being group coaching because I try to meet the individual needs of each parent and use much the same kind of language and offer the same kind of support as I do with private coaching. The group also supports each other.  We end up talking about all aspects of family life and I help them to see how it all ties in with parenting.  We discuss things like personal boundaries, problems with in-laws, self-care, routines and relationship issues.  We also get into things like setting goals for yourself and I often give parents an assignment for the next week and ask them to report back to the group.  It might be something like taking the first step towards a class they’ve always wanted to take or a group they’ve always wanted to join. We of course talk about discipline as well.  We talk about the alternatives to yelling, nagging and spanking.

The feedback for the series is always very, very positive.  Parents usually wish they were longer.  They always feel supported and go away with new skills and more confidence in their parenting.  I love leading them because every group is different and I love the energy.  There’s always a feeling of “We’re all in this together”.  Other parents come up with suggestions that have worked for them and often offer resources I’m not familiar with.  It’s wonderful.

I have decided to offer the same kind of program, but over the telephone, so parents who don’t have access to programs like these, can benefit.  I’m going to begin by offering this only for parents of preschoolers. I’ve decided to limit the group to 8 so each person gets plenty of opportunity to talk and I can address specific issues.  I promise you, participating in a group like this, is something you will never regret.  Your whole family will benefit.  I have all the details on my website.  I would love you to join me.

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